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Don't Be Afraid to Try Something New With Your Dry Cleaning

Often we sacrifice for things that are familiar. We continuously use the same products because we used them for years and they are familiar. But as time changes so do those products and often not for the better.

Using that same old dry cleaner around the corner may have worked initially for convenience but time has changed and they probably are not your most convenient option anymore.

If you find yourself placing all your dry clean only clothes in a pile waiting for an opportunity to run to the dry cleaning, your dry cleaning may have become no longer convenient for your lifestyle. If you find yourself driving around the Peninsula to take your clothes for alterations, another stop for laundry and yet another stop for shoe repair, then it's time to stop and try something new.

It's time to try Mark Pressed4Time.

Mark Pressed4Time offers the overworked and overscheduled convenience and dependability with pick-up and delivery dry cleaning from your home or office. In addition, Mark Pressed4Time also offers affordable and competitive pricing on dry cleaning, shoe repair, laundry and alterations.

Mark Pressed4Time can add convenience and to your life and whether it’s your dry cleaning, clothes for alteration or shoes for repair, the pick-up service is easy:

  1. Place your articles in a Mark Pressed4Time bag with a New Customer Order form.
  2. Leave your bag in the designated area any time, and we’ll pick it up on our next service day.
  3. We’ll drop off your cleaned garments along with an invoice on the following service day.

You can leave your payment in the envelope provided for pick up on the following service day, or we can setup automatic credit card billing. It's your choice and it's that easy.

Change can be hard, but Mark Pressed4Time makes it so easy. Contact Mark Pressed4Time to schedule your next pick-up. You will be satisfied with the experience and the quality of service. Change is good when you make the switch to Mark Pressed4Time.

Mark Pressed4Timeimage credit: by JASE Group on flickr

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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