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Dry Clean Your Clothes Often To Keep Perspiration Stains From Ruining Your Favorites

It's hot. Ladies you are in your nice silk blouse for a presentation at work. For the men, maybe you are at a wedding wearing a nice dress shirt. Naturally you are going to perspire. But maybe what you don't know is that perspiration can ruin your nice clothes. Some finer materials are more succeptible to damage from the ammonia that is naturally found in our perspiration.

Dry cleaning your clothes as soon as possible can help to preseve your clothing from the damaging ammonia that can remove the color from your garments. If you cannot get your garment to the dry cleaner immediately, make sure to have it done as soon as possible. Removing the perspiration stain as soon as possible is key to extending the life of your clothing. Also, you can use hydrogen peroxide to help spot treat the stain prior to having it dry cleaned. Just make sure to consult with your dry cleaner about effects of hydrogen peroxide on your clothing before using it.

If you cannot bring your dry cleaning into your cleaners due to schedule constraints, contact Mark Pressed4Time and let us pick it up for you, and preserve your clothing.

Sweat Stained Shirtimage credit: voteprime on flickr

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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