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Heads Up! for this Ann Taylor Loft Dress

Ladies Beware. This looks great but will cause you problems and it has to be dry cleaned or just cleaned in general.

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Heads Up!

For this Dress

Brand Name: Ann Taylor Loft

RN#: None CA#: 57421


Ann Canada, Inc.

Wholesaler, Manufacturing, Retailer

5600-100 King Street West

Toronto, ON Canada M5X 1C9

Ph. (416) 642-2396 or 888-563-8444



: A black, tan and cream dress made from a
blend of polyester, rayon & spandex. The care label simply states: “dry
clean” with the corresponding International Code Symbol.

: Tests show that during proper professional drycleaning
in any approved cleaning solution the black fabric dye bleeds, resulting in
transfer of black color onto the lighter fabric panels.

The manufacturer since the black base fabric was
not able to withstand any drycleaning method without bleeding, fading and adverse
dye migration.

What to do: This dress
should be returned to the retailer or manufacturer.


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black fabric used for this dress could not withstand drycleaning without dye


proper professional drycleaning, it can be readily seen the black  dye transfer into the nearby lighter areas, causing
dark splotches.

Featuring a garment in this column does not imply that a manufacturer is knowingly or continually producing defective goods. While this particular item was deemed unable to withstand the recommended care process, other comparable garments may or may not hold up to the care instructions.

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