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Household Cleaning for Your Large Home Furniture

Have you seen the new Febreeze commercial? A woman walks into a laundromat and to the confusion of the laundry attendants has brought in her mattress in hopes of having it cleaned.

It's a funny commercial that echoes the feelings of many when dealing with heavy furniture that has a tendency to get dirty. It often seems that mattresses, couches, chairs and carpets are the constant victims of stains and smells as a result of their constant use.

So since you can't cart them off to the cleaners, here are a few suggestions from Mark Pressed4Time to make cleaning in your home a little easier:

For items in your home that can be carted off to the cleaners, don't worry about making the trip, Mark Pressed4Time can come to you. Mark Pressed4Time offers pick-up and delivery for your dry cleaning. Mark Pressed4Time also offers affordable and competitive pricing on dry cleaning, shoe repair, laundry and alterations.

Contact Mark Pressed4Time to make life dry cleaning, alterations, laundry and shoe repair fit into your busy schedule. Learn more about ways to protect and preserve items in your home through the Mark Pressed4Time blog.
Dirty Couchimage credit: by DanielJames on flickr

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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