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How to Care For Your Down Comforter To Preserve Your Bedroom Decor

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="160" caption="Proper Care Of Your Down Comforter Can Prolong Its Life"]Proper Care Of Your Down Comforter Can Prolong Its Life[/caption]

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By Down Comforter World

Cleaning And Caring For Your Down Comforter

Caring For Down Comforter When It Arrives

When your down comforter arrives, please unpack it and activate the down.  To activate the down shake the down comforter vigorously for a few minutes to encourage lofting.  Full lofting of your down comforter will occur over the next 24 hours.  When using your down comforter, your body heat will continue to enable more lofting to take place.

Caring for your down comforter is important as it will prolong the life of the down comforter and eliminate the need for frequent cleaning. When receiving your down comforter, it is important to cover it with a duvet cover to protect it from daily wear. This cover will also assist in keeping the comforter clean.  When washing or changing the duvet cover, turn the down comforter.  This will ensure even wear.  It is also important to periodically air out your down comforter.  This can also be done when changing or washing your duvet cover.  Airing freshens your down comforter, and optimizes the insulating properties of the down.

Cleaning Your Down Comforters

Our manufactures recommend professionally dry cleaning your down comforters when they become soiled.  Small spots or stains can be removed from your down comforter by spot cleaning.  Use a non-detergent solution (ex. zero, woolite) diluted with some water.  Shift the down away from the soiled area, and then use a small amount of the cleaning solution on the spot.  Rub the fabric to loosen and lift the stain.  Rinse using a small amount of water and then squeeze the excess moisture first with your hands and then with a dry towel.  This area can then be air dried or a hair drier can be used to completely dry the spot.

Our down comforters should not require more than a wash every 5 to 10 years, and with careful use may never require washing.  If you decide to wash your down comforter, you can launder it in a washing machine.  A large down comforter will require a commercial (larger tub) size front load machine, and a small down comforter can be washed in a domestic (smaller tub) front load washing machine.  Fill the washing machine with the largest amount of cool water.  Set the washer on a gentle or delicate cycle adding non-detergent liquid soap ( ex. zero, Woolite).  Allow the non-detergent liquid soap to dilute, and then submerge the down comforter into the cool water spreading the down comforter evenly in the tub of the washing machine.  Allow the cycle to complete.  Place the down comforter through a second rinse cycle using cool water.  This will remove any soap residue.  Allow the rinse cycle to complete.  Do not use a fabric softener.

How do I dry my down comforter once it has been washed?

Drying the down comforter after it has been washed is very important and also very time consuming as this step has to be done correctly.  Place the down comforter into a dryer at the lowest possible heat setting.  Do not use high heat as this will shrink the shell of the down comforter.  Remove the down comforter frequently from the dryer and shake it.  Continue to tumble the down comforter at the lowest possible heat setting. Check the down comforter frequently, taking it out and shaking it frequently so as to dry the down evenly.  If the down comforter is bunching to one side of the dryer add white towels to the dryer.  This will prevent the down comforter form bunching and the towels will wick moisture form the down.  The down comforter can be removed from the drier and hung to air dry.  A down comforter must be completely dry before being used as a moist down comforter could lead to mildew or mold in the down.

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If your comforter is in need of cleaning and you do not have a washing machine large enough you can take it to your local dry cleaner to have it cleaned. Or better yet, contact Mark Pressed4Time and we'll pick it up.

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