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How To Remove Mildew From Your Clothing

Have you ever pulled an item of clothing out of the back of the closet only to discover mildew? It can happen and sometimes that mildew stain can be difficult to remove. If you are up to the task of attempting to remove the stain yourself, you can try this tip.

  1. Take the item outside and brush off as much mildew as possible. Taking the garment outside will prevent scattering mold spores in your home when you brush the garment off.
  2. If you can bleach the garment, wash it with bleach. If you cannot use bleach, soak the garment in an oxygen bleach and hot water solution for at least thirty minutes, and then wash the garment normally.
  3. Sun dry the garment when possible.

If you cannot remove the mildew stain or think that it might be too risky a task to treat the stain yourself, then a dry cleaner can be your next option. We have ways to remove stains without damaging your garment.

Have more questions about mildew stains? Have a mildew stain that you cannot remove? Contact Mark Pressed4Time today and let us help!

clothing hanging on the lineimage credit: simplerich on flickr

Thursday, October 11, 2012 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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