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Is Picking Out a Dry Cleaners Like Picking Out a Good Restaurant?

Do you read reviews on Yelp and comb through case studies before choosing or do you simply do a drive by and assume all dry cleaners are created equal? 

5 Simple rules to follow for selecting your dry cleaner:

  1. The miracle of having your clothes transformed from heap of crumpled mess on the floor to pristine like-new condition is actually a solvent like process rather than a dry process which you might think. This explanation of the process of affecting the stain through solvent lets you know what is happening behind the scenes, so you are aware of what service you ordered to take place at your dry cleaners. As opposed to closing your eyes and blindly ordering off the menu.
  2. Of course it may say dry clean only on the tag, but what are the down and dirty rules for what needs to go to the cleaners and what can be done at home? The experts say anything with structure and/or lining is a definite candidate for service. A blouse with a stain, send it in, but everyday cleaning for those items can be saved for week to week service or for home washing. Be certain of when you want to go out to eat and when you want to stay in for take-out.
  3. Some say the four worst offenders are berries, wine, mustard and crazy glue. Crazy glue may be one of the hardest type of substance to remove, but even that should not stop your dry cleaners from performing miracles. Mark Pressed4Time maintains a blog to share tips on stain removal and all things dry cleaning.
  4. What sets one dry cleaning business apart from another in the same region? The attention to detail during the process. Sometimes a garment will need to be cleaned numerous times. Cleaners who promise same day service are not always the best choice. In addition to timeliness, quality of the service goes a long way. Not to mention the convience of MP4T's pick up and drop off service.
  5. Finally, what’s in a relationship with a good dry cleaners? From your favorite lunch time hide-out to your date night pick. What keeps you really coming back to that cozy eatery around the corner. What keeps you coming back is that familiar atmosphere, server and/or favorite dish. Once you have set up a service with your dry cleaners, going back or continuing that service becomes like your favorite side mac ‘n cheese. Tried and true and delicious every time.

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Tom's Restaurant Seinfeldimage credit: akeg on flickr

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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