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Keep it Clean and Stain Free During Prom Season

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Prom season has arrived for teens around the country. It's a rights of passage for teenagers, they go out to fancy restaurants with their friends and dance the night away. When they get home, that night or the next day, the boys toss their tuxedos in a bag to be returned to the rental store while the ladies hang them in a pretty store bag in the back of their closets.

Somewhere in between donning the prefect dress and tuxedo and calling it a night, stains from dinner and sweat stains from dancing infiltrate the fabric of prom regalia. Here are a few tips for getting ready for the big night, fighting stains out of fancy garments and protecting what may be known as the best outfit of the night.

Before the party starts alternations are a must.

The guys usually have it pretty easy. At this age renting a tuxedo is not a bad idea because surprisingly, teenagers still have growing to do and the investment in a nice tuxedo may not beat the cost benefits of renting. It's a little harder for the ladies. After finding the perfect dress, make sure the fit is snug and that the dress is not dragging on the floor. Trying on the dress with the shoes and getting the hemline altered will prevent tripping over your dress throughout the evening.

Watch out for stains while enjoying the evening and be prepared for accidents.

Be prepared for accidents that may occur during the dance or before at dinner. A great article on dress care from PromGirl.com highlights ways to treat stains from different sources such as makeup, nail polish, ink, coffee, and much more.

Stains: Try and get rid of stains as quickly as possible. If acquired in the restaurant club soda, lemon juice, baking soda or salt can serve as a all purpose stain remover. Treat a piece of the garment that is hidden to see how the fabric will react to your stain remover.

The After Party, Prolong the life of your garment.

Don't hesitate to take your garments to the dry cleaners for after prom TLC. Most prom dresses range from $200-$700. Sending the dress to the cleaners following the event will prolong the life of the dress, avoid fading and treat any stains including perspiration that settle in throughout the night.

There are many elements involved with prom. Contact Mark Pressed4Time for help with alterations before the big dance. Plan ahead and schedule a free pick-up by Mark Pressed4Time after the party to get your dress dry cleaned. Remember the tricks of stain cleaning and have a safe and fun prom experience.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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