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Make the Right Choice For Your Clothes

There is a dry cleaner on almost every corner. You can pretty much drive every few blocks and you will find someone willing to take your clothes. But, what exactly are you getting out of the trip?

All dry cleaners are not the same. Similar to customer service from one corner store to another, when the service is bad, they are all the same.

You want to take your clothes to a place that will provide you with attentive service and great care for your clothes.

That's exactly what Mark Pressed4Time is all about, exceptional customer service and the best possible care for your clothes.

Just to remind you, here are a few of the benefits Mark Pressed4Time offers:
You work hard for the clothes you own, treat your clothes and your self to a dry cleaner that will treat you right. Contact Mark Pressed4Time to schedule pick-up services for your clothes. 

Random Dry Cleanerimage credit: by Emily Webber on flickr

Tuesday, May 07, 2013 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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