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Mark Pressed4Time Helps With Your Clothing Care

Clothing care requires time and energy. Beyond the loads of laundry that we are responsible for taking care of we also often have to take time to run to the dry-cleaners to take care of our dry-clean only clothes.

Luckily time has proven that there is a need for some additional hep in the area of clothing care and Mark Pressed4Time has answered the call.

The decision to dry-clean clothes that require additional treatment is based on your desire to extend the life of your clothing. Many have made the mistake of placing a dry clean only garment in the washing machine. While the damage may not be immediately visible, the damage will be visible in the longevity of your clothing, or the lack thereof. The end result is also visible in a ruined article of clothing.

For the price that you pay for your quality clothes the cost to dry clean each garnment is worth it. Mark Pressed4Time offers competitive pricing.

On average delivered pants and blouses are only $6.75. Which, essentially takes care of more than one problem. Price and travel; Mark Pressed4Time picks up and delivers dry cleaning for a low price.

So, save yourself the time and energy involved with clothing care and invest in a relationship with Mark Pressed4Time. Not only will Mark Pressed4Time pick up and drop off your dry cleaning but you will also receive a fair price for your dry cleaning. Contact Mark Pressed4Time and take the fear out of the term dry clean only.

Mark Pressed4Timeimage credit: by JASE Group on flickr

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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