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Men's Ties - Tied Up with Problems?

Men's ties can make a fashion statement. They can be humorous or entertaining. They can be a real conversation piece. But ties can also become pretty weird looking because of excessive wear and cleaning or because of dye migration.

If you've got a tie that looks rippled or puckered, it's probably because of the way the tie was made, according to the IFI. That's because tie fabric is cut on a bias and is susceptible to stretching from tension and stress of tying and untying. Also, the materials used in ties can shrink during cleaning.

If your tie's pattern suddenly starts to 'bleed' and migrate onto other shades, it's probably because the dyes are not colorfast when coming into contact with water. Since a tie can get wet in the rain or snow, contact with water is pretty common!

Unfortunately, we at Pressed4Time can't tell in advance how well a tie is made. We don't know whether the manufacturer used unstable dyes, sizing or finishes. And we can't fix a tie that has experienced dye problems or becomes rippled.

We're not trying, to pass the buck, but that's the truth about ties. If your tie does have problems, maybe it's a good excuse to purchase a new one!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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