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Not All Buttons Are Safe To Dry Clean

Hampton, Newport News and Yorktown residents, did you know that not all buttons on today's shirts are heat tolerant? For the most part, most buttons present no problems during the cleaning process, but there are some types to be avoided. You can ask the salesperson where you purchase your garments if the buttons are safe for dry cleaning.

Another concern is the dry cleaning solvents effect on the button. There are solvent-resistant buttons available, but some manufacturers continue to use polystyrene buttons that dissolve in the dry cleaning solvent.

At Mark Pressed4Time we work hard to try to catch these buttons and replace them with better buttons before they get back to you. It's just another step we take to try to give you the best dry cleaning experience.

Ask us about your buttons next time you see us!


Not All Buttons Are Safe To Dry Clean

image credit: Kirsty Andrews on flickr

Monday, August 24, 2015 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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