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Save Your Clothes From Wear and Tear

In reality, it's so much easier to throw a load of laundry in the machine than take a few garments to the dry cleaners.

Often, rather than taking the time to run to the dry cleaners, our dry clean only clothes end up in a pile.

To save time and to get another wear out of a few outfits, some use the sniff test to determine whether or not it's time to send clothes to the dry cleaner or just wear it for another day. The problem with the sniff test is that often, although there is no smell, perspiration can set into your clothing and cause damage. The smell of perspiration can air out over time, but the alkalinity of the perspiration can cause fabric to weaken and tear.

So how do you know when it's time to dry clean your clothes?

Dry cleaned clothes should be cleaned as often as your laundry washed garments. Some soils from your body are not easily detected by the sniff test or visually, but those items will still need to be cleaned.

Mark Pressed4time can make dry cleaning easy. If you find yourself placing all your dry clean only clothes in a pile waiting for an opportunity to run to the dry cleaning, your clothes may suffer.

Maintain your clothes and keep your budget intact by contacting Mark Pressed4Time. Schedule a pick-up for your dry cleaning and Mark Pressed4Time also offers affordable and competitive pricing on dry cleaning making life easier for you. So give Mark Pressed4Time a call, your wardrobe and your nose will thank you.

Sniff Testimage credit: by Euros Ate My Dollars on flickr

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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