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Sort Out Your Laundry Problems With Mark Pressed4Time

There are certain chores that we have to mentally prepare ourselves for and for many, laundry is one.

Often the most time consuming part of laundry (other than the drying cycle) is sorting out all those dirty clothes.

When in a rush, it's easier to throw everything in the same load and hope for the best. But, to keep your clothes bright and in good shape it's best to sort them into loads with like colors, fabrics and level of dirt.

Here are a few easy tips from Mark Pressed4Time to help you with your load:
These easy tricks can help you avoid the aftermath of poor laundry decisions. If the overall idea of laundry gives you night sweats, it's probably time to contact Mark Pressed4T. Contact Mark Pressed4Time for all your dry cleaning, alterations, laundry and shoe repair needs.
Laundryimage credit: by H.A.M. Phtgrphy on flickr

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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