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Spring Into Wedding Season

It's April, which means it's officially wedding season. During this time you'll start receiving save the dates, invitations and the grand search for what to wear.

Even if you are not the bride or groom the perfect outfit at a wedding is important. While it may be easier to plan if you are in the wedding party, finding the best wedding outfit is easy.

Spring and summer weddings leave room for many different wedding attire choices. Beach weddings will call for a completely different attire than an evening mansion wedding.

The wedding invitation will give you clues in regard to attire. Time, location and the actual description of attire listed on the invitation will help you pick the perfect choice for weddings.

Depending on what's in your closet you may not have to go shopping. A trip to the dry cleaners can give life to some of your old favorites. Clean and pressed garments with unique accessories can make an old dress look brand new.

Alterations on any outfit can make give it the perfect fit for your body. When you're wearing clothes that fit your body your outfit will look like it was made for you, the best possible fit.

Whatever you wear just remember, no jeans. Enjoy the wedding season and contact Mark Pressed4Time when your outfit needs a little TLC.

Wedding Attireimage credit: by Avangard Photography on flickr

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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