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Summer Clothes Stored Away Correctly

That time of year is finally here, where we begin to transition from summer clothes to fall and winter clothes. Here is Virginia, we typically have more mild winters, so you may have clothing that you keep out year round, but if you do have pieces that you put away for warmer temps, make sure you put them away clean. Putting them away in tubs or storage bags is best, especially if you're going to remove them from your closet.

As a plus, our laundry service can help assist with your wardrobe change over as you can bring us your summer clothes that you will store away and we can get them laundered or dry cleaned and return them right back to you. As always, we can deliver too! Let us know if we can help.


Summer Clothes Storage

image credit: H.A.M. Photography on flickr


Tuesday, October 04, 2016 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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