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Summer Stain Removal Is Frustrating - No More!

hamburger on the grillSpring is in full bloom, which means summer is around the corner, and with that comes the return of outdoor season. Barbequing, trips to the park or the lake, outdoor concerts. With the increase of outdoor events that you will attend as the weather warms, so does the chance for you a nasty stain to creep onto your favorite garment.

So what to do when you are out and about this spring/summer and catch a stain?

Often times what you do in the first moments depends on how hard you will have to work to remove the stain later. For example, it you happen to spill ketchup on something, scraping the excess ketchup instead of blotting it will keep from grinding the stain deep in to your clothes.

Another important tip is to most times soak the stain in cold water as soon as possible and for normally 30 minutes. Using cold water instead of warm or hot water will keep from cooking the stain into your clothing.

Finally it the stain is of a dry nature, like pollen or dirt, first attempt to shake off the stain as much as possible instead of brushing and then use tape or a small hand vacuum if available to lift the rest of the stain.

For more tips and information on dry clean only stain removal, contact us at Mark Pressed4Time.

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Monday, April 18, 2011 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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