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The Big Deal About Dry Cleaning Your Comforter

You may have asked, what is the big deal if I wash a bedspread that says "dry clean only" in my washing machine? Mark Pressed4Time would like to take a few minutes to help you understand what those three little words, "dry clean only" mean.

Those three little words, "dry clean only":

Those three little words could be your first warning as to what could happen should you not dry clean your comforter.  If your comforter is one of the ones with a fiber filling, that filling may bunch up together into clumps. Your bedding could shrink, the colors could run and the threads could pull or break. Also chances are your bedspread is too large for your washing machine. Even if you do get your comforter to fit, there could be creases that cause breakage of the fibers.

Any of the above examples of ruined bedding can and does happen and there are many examples to prove it.

Next, you should consider the "why" the bedding is declared "dry clean only".

Determine how washable the comforter would be by considering:

Of course it could come down to quality and how much you spent on the comforter. In other words, how unhappy would you be if attempting to clean your bedspread yourself and the bedding came out ruined?

These are all things to consider before running anything through the washing machine. Remember Mark Pressed4Time can be your source for dry cleaning your comforters and bedspreads. Also, remember to follow Mark Pressed4Time on twitter, @markp4time, and subscribe to our blog!

Dry Clean Only Comforter

image credit: Bruce Berrie on flickr

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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