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Washing and Drying Settings Make All the Difference with Your Laundry

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There are tons of words labeled on your washing and drying machines. So what does it all mean? There are so many different settings and options for washing and drying your laundry. The settings on washers and dryers are there to create the best situations for your clothing.

The delicate cycle is the easiest cycle to understand, however there are other options for washing your clothes in your home. Here is a breakdown of what the washing machine offers:
Once everything is washed appropriately it is important to make sure your garment is dried appropriately. The right dryer cycle will make sure your clothes don't shrink and dry completely without damaging your clothes.
Pay attention to these basic settings and your clothing will be well taken care of in your washer and dryer. For additional help with laundry and the clothes labeled "dry clean only," contact Mark Pressed4Time. For the best care of your clothes Mark Pressed4Time covers it all from alterations to shoe repair. 

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Friday, April 05, 2013 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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