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Where Does Mildew Come From? How Does It End Up On Your Clothes?

Recently we talked about removing pesky mildew stains that, seemingly, come out of nowhere, and can ruin your clothes. This week we want to focus on where mildew comes from and give you several tips to prevent mildew from getting on your clothes.

Mark Pressed4Time's Mildew Prevention Tips

  1. Make sure that you do not place damp or wet clothes into a laundry hamper to sit for several days until laundry day. Wet clothes that are allowed to sit enclosed in the hamper create the perfect breeding ground for mildew.
  2. Warm summer temperatures with high humidty can help promote the growth of mildew. A perfect example would be leaving clothing in your garage that is not a controlled environment. Most garages are dark, humid, and hot in summer climates. This would be a bad environment to leave any clothes that are valuable to you.
  3. If you have wet clothes that need to be laundered, make sure to dry them out before placing them in the clothes hamper.
  4. A clothes rack placed in your laundry area may be valuable in helping to dry out your wet clothes before they are laundered.

If you have an article of clothing that has obtained a mildew stain and you are not sure what your options are, contact Mark Pressed4Time. In most situations we can dry clean the garment and remove the staind without damaging your clothes.

Clothes Hamperimage credit: susan_d_p on flickr

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 written by Mark Pressed4Time
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