How Do We Protect & Preserve Our Leather Shoes, Coats and Boots?

leather bootsThere is no doubt that we all own at least one item that is made of leather. Whether it is a pair of boots, a leather coat, or any other clothing item leather is all around us. It can be soft, supple, luxurious, and it can also be rugged and durable. But what many of us fail to realize is that we don’t protect the leather it will loose all of the characteristics that we know and love about leather.

Water and leather are not compatible; leather contains natural oils that if exposed to excessive moisture will remove the oils and stiffen and stain the leather.

Waterproofing is one of the easiest ways to protect leather and extend the life of the particular item of clothing. But there are several important facts that should be recognized before you waterproof your leather.


There are more than a few different types of leather that are used in making many different products. It is of extreme importance to know which type of leather you’re dealing with. Harsh silicone sprays and waxes, for example, cannot be used on thin, delicate split leathers. Likewise, you would receive poor waterproofing protection from a nubuck leather coating if you applied it to a work or hiking boot.


How much protection you want to apply to your leather is up to you. Items that will be used outdoors frequently in damp or wet conditions should be treated with maximum protection. Boots and shoes worn during cold winter months, most often benefit from heavy oils, waxes and dressings. Dress gloves, nubuck shoes, and suede coats that are only exposed to a minimal amount of moisture don’t have to be treated to the same degree.


Before waterproofing anything, it’s always best to perform a “spot check” Many leather cleaners and protectors can change the color or texture of leather. Find a small patch of leather and treat the spot, allowing it to soak in overnight. If you’re satisfied with the result, go ahead and treat the rest of the product.

Leather is a great choice for many different types of clothing, but you have to remember to preserve it to maintain its true effectiveness. For more information on leather treatments contact Mark Pressed4Time today!

image credit: Akash k on flickr

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