Rules for clothing care – Keep your clothes from fading

Clothing color can be preserved

Clothing color can be preserved

It happens, it’s just a natural part of owning clothing. You purchase an article of clothing and it is colorful, vibrant, brand new looking, and then as you start to care for it the color starts to fade. It  goes from brand new looking to old, faded, and worn; and depending on how many times you have had to care for it, it could be sooner than you want.


Here are a couple simple rules you can follow for preserving the color in your clothing:

1. Read the Label

Check for instructions that may say to wash only in cold, or with like colors. The tag will also tell you if the item has to be dry cleaned and give you proper drying instructions.

2. Wash Dark Colors Together

To prevent dark colors from fading, keep like colors together. Sorting your clothes can be one of the easiest steps.

3. Turn Clothes Inside Out

Washing and drying clothing is rough on the outside of your clothing. Turning garments inside out will reduce wear and tear and pilling which dulls the look of the fabric. Don’t forget to turn clothing inside out when you hang clothes outside to dry. While the sun is an excellent and efficient drying tool, it will bleach the color out of your clothing

4. Don’t Stuff the Washer

It makes the machine work harder and it is tougher on our clothes. The more loads you can afford to do, the better it is for your clothes. Clothing can’t come clean or have soap evenly deposited when it is packed into a washing machine.

5. Wash in Cold

Detergents have made great strides over the years and most do as well in cold water as the do in hot or warm. Don’t wash warm unless you absolutely have to.

6. Don’t Over Dry

Over drying will cause your colors to fade. The more time clothing is exposed to heat the faster it will fade.

7. Add Vinegar

You can add vinegar to your load in the washer, it doubles as a natural fabric softener, and the smell will fade in the wash.

8. Use the Gentle Cycle or a Gentle Detergent

If you are extra particular on some items of clothing, you can always wash the clothing on your washer’s gentle cycle.
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image credit: mckaysavage on flickr

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